Ahimsa, the resting cow (recent project) 

This Summer (2021) the first unveiling of ‘Ahimsa’ will be in Amsterdam. 

‘Ahimsa, the resting cow’ is a sculpture of a reclining cow that radiates relaxation, peace and love. To honor and thank the cow for giving so generously and unconditionally for many decades. And at the same time to refer to mother earth.

Last summer it arose to me to make a sculpture of a cow. ‘Ahimsa’ became her name.

The sculpture wants to be made to contribute to a new era in which a balanced and loving way of living and working together is paramount, a symbiosis between plant, animal, mankind and earth. By giving back to the land and the animals and to each other, by sharing, we will discover that there is a deep joy hidden within.

It’s a loving sculpture that calls for people to come together. To experience appreciation for life and for everything that seems so self-evident. When we regain an eye for the animals and the land, the earth and ourselves, we rediscover that everyone contributes something valuable in their own way.

Meaning Ahimsa (in short); nonviolence and reverence for all life. Showing peace and awe for all sentient beings.

Hereby my first sketch and wax model. To be continued…