Ahimsa, the resting cow

Now on display at Urtica de Vijfsprong until mid-June. 

‘Ahimsa, the resting cow’ is travelling  through the Netherlands to honor and thank the cow for giving so generously for centuries. At the same time she refers to Mother Earth.

Meaning Ahimsa (in short); nonviolence and reverence for all life. Showing peace and awe for all sentient beings.

Ahimsa, wants to contribute to a new era, a loving and harmonieus way of living and working together. A symbiosis between plant, animal, mankind and earth. By giving back to the land and the animals and to each other, by sharing, we will discover that there is a deep joy hidden within.

Everyone is welcome in her cirkel. It’s a loving sculpture that calls us to come together. To find the stillness within ourselves. We all have a heart and know deep down what truly is, without answering out loud. When we regain an eye for ourselves and all that exists on this wondrous planet we rediscover that everyone contributes something valuable.

My gratitude goes out to my buddy Dirk-Jan Schrander (guitar builder/artist) who can do magic with steel, it was joyful and lovable working with him on the cow sculpture.🤍Working together

🤍Song for Ahimsa

In collaboration with Demeter Ahimsa, travels also to a number of bio dynamic farms in the Netherlands. The way they treat the animals and the land is inspiring. To experience in a joyful way how we can once again be part of a healthy and fertile cycle around farm animals, landscape, nature of which we are all part of.

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Grateful for the heartwarming messages we receive💚