An ode to the wondrous life energy and the beauty of the wilderness 

Every day I walk through the forest. Structures, rhythms, patterns in nature, the light that falls among the trees, skies, sounds, birds, all that lives and moves in the wilderness gives me inspiration to create. The unconditional love, joy and beauty I receive from nature I attempt to reflect through my work.

We live in a time in which the world around us seems to be man made. Our surroundings are rapidly being upgraded but can we speak of progress? Our manufactured decor is still intertwined with the ancient patterns of nature. As the migrating birds, the teeming life beneath the earth’s surface, the rituals of nature awakened by the spinning of our magical earth. The foundation of life can not be erased by the seemingly conducting hand of man.

The sculptures of Ode to the Wilderness are a green message and hope to exchange refreshing energy. Let us share in the spontaneous energy that can be found everywhere in nature and thus in ourselves. Wilderness is the smallest insect to the largest trees, as well the smallest bacteria that lives on our skin. Our organic space suit is built just like an insect, a plant or a tree. And the energy that is released when we stay in tune with ourselves is as spontaneous as a butterfly, a squirrel, a robin, a piggy….

@ Jantien Mook