During my walks in the forest I met the grazing Scottish Highlanders amongst all the other living wonders. Their appearance with their long spiral horns inspired me to make a sculpture. Here my first sculpture was born, ‘Highlander’, the first in a series ode’s to the wilderness. With Ode to the Wilderness I want to express my wonder and love for the beauty of nature and her animals.

We live in a time in which the world around us seems to be manmade. Our surroundings are rapidly being upgraded but can we speak of progress? Our manufactured décor is still intertwined with the ancient patterns of nature. As the migrating birds, the teeming life beneath the earth’s surface, the rituals of nature awakened by the spinning of mother earth. The fundament of life has not yet been erased by the seemingly conducting hand of man.

With ‘Ode to the Wilderness’ I aim to find a connection between ‘our world’ and the natural world with her ‘wild animals’.

@ Jantien Mook