‘The Weeping Elephant’ is a traveling sculpture of an African elephant. The elephant appears in different cities to bring an ode to the wilderness, to surprise people and to let them reflect on the influence and beauty of nature. Everyone is invited to use her stage.

During the exposition, speakers, musicians, dancers and other artists can join the elephant to bring their unique Ode to the Wilderness. Contact: info@odetothewilderness.com


‘The Weeping Elephant’ travelled to; Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Brussels, Ghent, Hamburg, Bremen, Castricum aan Zee and Leiden.

I receive a lot of heart-warming messages throughout the journey of ‘The Weeping Elephant’, thank you. I am grateful for your appreciation.

Currently the work can be seen at ‘het Stenen Hoofd’ in Amsterdam.

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With special thanks to WWF-Netherlands, IFAW, Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy, Karakter Wijnimport, All for Nature Travel, TUI, Staatsbosbeheer (Forestry Commission), Het Knutselparadijs and Mook Machineverhuur BV. June 2016.